Poetry Reading, Story Reading and Story Telling Competition in the Commemoration of Heroes Day

Poetry Reading, Story Reading and Story Telling Competition was a pioneering competition held by Bali Kiddy Primary School as the act of commemorating National Heroes Day of Indonesia. The competition which was held in Bali Kiddy School on Saturday, 7th November 2015 had successfully brought up talents to shine on stage. The students who participate in this event were from Primary and Secondary Schools within Denpasar and Badung Regency.

More than 300 students companied with their teachers and parents came with lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to join the competition. The kids of grade 1-3 of primary school looked ready with their wonderful costumes to present the poems which were dedicated to their nearest heroes like Mom and Dad, teachers, soldiers, and many more. They were looking so cute while delivering their gratitude and appraisal through rhyming words. Not to be left behind, the students of grade 4-6 who joined the story reading competition were also looking so impressively delivering the story. The students of secondary school who join the story telling competition also didn’t want to miss the chance to magically bring the audiences into their stories. It was such a tight competition with many wonderful talents.

The panel of judges, who were experts in the field of literacy and education, gave their highest appraisal to all the participants who had shown their best performances. However, they still need to decide the best of the bests. All the winners smile happily while receiving the trophies and merchandise. “This is a great event which has to be continued and conducted annually,” said Ibu Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, S.Pd.,M.Pd., the head of the panel of judges.#  ”This is a great event which gives us chance to improve our skills and show our talents. I hope this event will be continued again next year. Thank you for all the committee from Bali Kiddy School for conducting this event,” said Putu Audrey Charisma Hootara, one of the winners in the event.


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