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BALI KIDDY SCHOOL has been operating for ten years. In 2010, Badan Akreditasi Nasional, awarded BALI KIDDY SCHOOL with A status (excellence) for their management, facilities, teaching and learning process. SEKOLAH BALI KIDDY is operated as a public school. We can accept students from any religion, race, and nationality. The school accepts admission through the academic year when seats are still available.

Parents along with the children are invited to meet an observer and students are accepted when their academic, social and emotional needs can be provided by the school. Since there are no therapists or teachers with specific knowledge and ability, the school presently cannot accept severe physical or learning disabilities or other special needs students.


All students here use English in daily communication and study Mandarin on schedule as well


In Preschool program, they can accompany their kid in the class for maximum 2 weeks and parents of Primary students should leave their kids with the teachers.


All teachers have undergone recruitment selection. They are graduated from Teacher Training Education Faculty (S1 / S2) of reputable university and have excellent English skills.

Special School Tour

A school tour is designed for students and parents. You will see how our Bali Kiddy looks like, the facilities, the students and the life in this school.



BALI KIDDY SCHOOL provides teachers who possess higher education qualification (S1 and S2). The teachers are always improve their competence in developing the curriculum, method of teaching, students approach and designing class activities, both through workshops organized by outside provides as well as the internal professional teachers development program which is held every month.


Meet our graduate admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what is the best for you.