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About Bali Kiddy Preschool (Playgroup A)

Playgroup A students are trained to use the small muscles of their hands by coloring, drawing, cutting, building lego, and lacing which will lead them to the writing abilities.

PG students are encouraged to build their social emotional characters by being independent, sharing, apologizing and forgiving.

They also learn to develop their large muscle controls in arms, legs and entire body. Besides developing their fine & gross motor skills, Sounds and numbers are introduced with flash cards, songs and games.

Schedule Activiy for Playgroup A

  • Cooking Class : Once a month
  • Swimming Class : once a month
  • Outing & Fieldtrip : twice a year
  • General Performance : once a year

Department Info

Playgroup A Class

Ni Luh Putu Wahyu Permani, S.S.
Playgroup Development Team



Monday – Friday
Morning : 8:00A.M. – 10:00A.M.
Afternoon : 11:00A.M. – 1:00P.M.


16 : 3
16 students (max with 3 teachers)

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