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About Supporting Activities in Bali Kiddy Primary School

Learning does not only take place in the classroom.

Fun and Fearless Trip

  • HokBen Teuku Umar
  • Bali Bird Park
  • Bali Zoo
  • Secret Garden

Educational Adventure

  • Bagus Agrowisata
  • Rumah Desa
  • Kemenuh Butterfly Park
  • Panji Batik
  • Taman Nusa

Recreational Adventure

  • Cau Chocolate
  • The Sila's
  • Fin's Recreation
  • Genta Agro Tourism
  • Sawah Indah
  • Bali Safari & Marine Park

Short Testimony

"Last outing i went to Bali Safari and Marine Park. I felt so good. I enjoyed my time there because i could see many animals that i had not seen before. I also saw animals show like elephant, tiger, orang utan, snake and bird. I think i want to go there again."

Nadia, 1D

"Hello, my name is Jade from PG A. I like the field trip because i can go with my friends and it was fun. I also like to taste the food in Hokben."

Jade, PG A

"I went to The Sila's for outing. The outing was really amazing. I did some wonderfulactivities and horse riding was the one i liked the most. Actually i wanted to join ATV, but i could not old. I also wanted to try trampoline but i ran out of the time. It's maybe because i really enjoyed all of the activities."

Rio, 5A