About Our School

Bali Kiddy School is a school established and operated under the management of Yayasan Bali Prime. Owning a unique program and a plus innovative learning for children aged between 2 to 12 years old, Bali Kiddy School can contribute to the higher standard quality of Education for children in Bali particularly.

Our school offers program for Preschool (PG A, PG B, KG A, & KG B). Since 2011, Sekolah Bali Kiddy has opened Bali Kiddy Primary, applied National Curriculums with international subjects; English, Maths and Science. Now after operating for ten years, Sekolah Bali Kiddy also opened secondary school


Teaching students to reach their full potentials in academics and skills of non academic.


We prioritize on the high quality, knowledgeable, skillful teachers as the core strength of our school.


we are honest, ethical, and respectful of others, and we foster those traits in our students.


We establish clear goals, measure progress, and take responsibility for results.


Build a good relationship with parents and our surrounding community.

Long learning

We always develop our own professionalism and personal performances.

Video Tour in Bali Kiddy School

Take a tour in Bali Kiddy School and you will find the best school in Denpasar. The video will take you to every place in this school.

Head of

I.A.K. Suwardani, S.S.

We recognise everyone has equal intrinsic worths and the capacity to learn and grow. Our students should receive a very good and challenging learning experience. Our teachers are opened for them to facilitate their needs. Personal support, not only academically but also in building their good characters, in nurturing their talent to reach their highest potential are our concerns. Be intelligence plus having good character-that is the goal of true education.

Dini Paulina, S.Pd.

Bali Kiddy Preschool offers an outstanding standard of education for children with the age of 2 – 6 years old. Our qualified, fun and experienced teachers ensure every child reaches their full potentials on each day they attend. They do not only encourage the children to develop their cognitive potentials, creativity and life skills, but also, most importantly, build the children’s attitudes and behavior, so the children can grow up and develop into caring, responsible and contented citizens of the world.

Ni Rai Yunitasari, S.Pd.

A very warm welcome to Bali Kiddy Primary School. It is a great privilege to be part of this excellent primary programs, offering an outstanding education from age 6 to 12 at Year 1 to 6.

We have a strong believe in the importance of providing an innovative and challenging education during the Primary School years. We therefore provide a holistic curriculum, which has its foundations in the Indonesia National Curriculum, integrated with international lessons.

Ni Kadek Ayu Wirawati, M.Pd.

It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you all to Bali Kiddy Secondary School which offers the opportunity for the young teen learners to succeed through our excellent education programs. We also provide various innovative, meaningful and challenging activities and programs through our holistic education with the implementation of the Indonesian National Curriculum integrated with international subjects.

We look forward to welcom you to ensure your young teens’ best quality of education and their personal development.